2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Early Highlights

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards recently released some of the funniest entries from the 2018 competition so far.

#1 Just Follow My Lead: Spin Left, Step Right, Pas De Bourree Aaaaand Jazz Hands. Easy By Laszlo Potozky

Laszlo Potozky

#2 A Wild Red Squirrel In A Split Between Lupines In Bispgarden, Sweden By Geert Weggen

Geert Weggen

#3 Someone Say ‘Chocolate’? By Shane Keena

Shane Keena

#4 Aargh, I’m Shot, You Go, Save Yourself By Yusuke Okada

Yusuke Okada

#5 Never, Ever, Ever, Leave Your Camera Unattended (And When An Arctic Fox Is Lurking)… As Specified In Your Insurance Claims Form, Hudson Bay, Canada By Michou Von Beschwitz

Michou Von Beschwitz

#6 When You Really Want To Tell Someone You Love Them, Batam, Indonesia By Muhammad Faishol Husni

Muhammad Faishol Husni

#7 A Mother Ground Squirrel Calls Directly At Her Young Pup In Alberta, Canada By Nick Parayko

Nick Parayko

#8 If One More Person Asks If I’m Having A Bad Hare Day… West Virginia By Daniel L. Friend

Daniel L. Friend

#9 Just Tell Us Where You Hid The Fish… Otherwise You’ll Be Sleeping With Them, South Georgia By Amy Kennedy

Amy Kennedy

#10 I’m So Sorry. It Just Popped Out… Madagascar By Jakob Strecker

Jakob Strecker

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